If you decided to engage in bodybuilding, apart from creating a training program, you will first of all take a lot of time to acquire knowledge about proper nutrition, as well as about the usefulness and effectiveness of the use of sports nutrition. Bodybuilding - is a sport in which the external appearance of your muscles, their volume, refinement and proportionality is important. In order to achieve and rely on the above-mentioned qualities, you need to organize a correct diet for your body, and it does not matter at what level of fitness you overstay now, proper nutrition - is already the key to success!

Sports nutrition for bodybuilders

Our muscles consist 75-80% of water and 20% is protein. Brick is the main building material, so in order to grow more muscle mass, its consumption must be increased to at least 2 grams per 1 kg of your body weight. For this purpose, as an additional source of protein, we recommend taking protein. Protein - a sports supplement containing protein sums necessary for growth and maintenance of muscle tissue. If you need to ensure the fastest possible recovery of protein after exercise, we recommend sirovatic protein because it is considered the best. However, if you need to take out the protein continuously, e.g. before going to bed, in this case you need casein protein because its speed of absorption is the fastest. For the most rapid renewal after training, to increase strength and muscle mass, as well as to protect yourself from muscle injury, you need to take amino acids. BCAA play a special role in bodybuilding: 35% of our body tissue consists of BCAA.

Besides protein, you need to increase calories in your diet and consume more carbohydrates in order to grow your body mass. For this purpose, we recommend taking Gainer, which is a protein-carbohydrate mixture supplemented with trace elements, amino acids, and other ingredients. And if you want to increase not only muscle mass but also strength and vitality, for this purpose in the world of bodybuilding widely recognized sports supplement - creatine. In addition to everything, for proper functioning of all processes in our body we need non-saturated fats, vitamins and minerals. Without their use, assimilation of protein will be much worse and a large part of the consumed protein simply will not be used for its intended purpose. Find more information on the website pharmax-anabolika.com

It is a great pity that most people simply can not get the required amount of all the important elements of conventional food, So to solve this problem, we have prepared this universal complex, which will help you accurately reach your goal and change your body in the shortest possible time.

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