Of all websites present on the web, about 7.4% are powered by WooCommerce and about 28.19% of all the eCommerce stores available on the web are built using WooCommerce. If you strictly look at WordPress CMS, about 93.7% of websites are built using the WooCommerce development plugin. 

We can see how popular WooCommerce plugins are and it is widely used to create eStores. For those who don’t know, WooCommerce is a powerful WordPress development plugin that can help you create online stores. 

If you are curious to know why WooCommerce should be your first choice for eCommerce development, here look at the reasons. 

Why Should You Choose WooCommerce? 

1. Free plugin 

It’s a professional yet free WordPress eCommerce plugin that businesses can use to create a robust online store. Despite being a free plugin, it allows you to perform multiple advanced options like - 

  • Tracking orders. 
  • Updating delivery status. 
  • Managing inventory. 
  • Adjusting shipping options. 
  • Applying coupon codes and discounts, etc. 

WooCommerce development allows you to create a full-fledged online store within minutes. It’s within budget for every business as this WordPress eCommerce plugin comes free of cost. 

2. Highly customizable

For WooCommerce development, you have access to multiple extensions that can help you with added functionalities. These extensions can be paid or free and help you in more ways than one. Developers can make use of one or more of these extensions to customize the site for the better. You can customize the various extensions to improve payment gateways, reporting, accounting, marketing, etc. The high customization option present with the WordPress eCommerce plugin helps many businesses improve their online store performance. 

3. Easy to implement

Because of the easy user interface of the plugin, WooCommerce development is easier which is usually not the case with other plugins. Developers can feel at ease while working with this plugin. Hence, implementing it becomes easier. 

4. Great customer support

Despite being a free eCommerce development plugin, WooCommerce is popular for its impeccable support to developers. In case there arises an issue, it can be quickly resolved and looked after. You can rely on the support team to tend to your development-related issues and they are professional in answering your queries. 

5. Constantly improving 

Since there are plenty of contributors who participate in making WooCommerce better as per the latest eCommerce development trends, it evolves each day. Right from updating the plugin and improving the code to marketing and translations, everything is managed and maintained by several teams, independent developers, testers, and marketers. 

Being a renowned plugin used by the popular CMS community WordPress developers, WooCommerce is quite popular. Almost all eStores built on WordPress are built using WooCommerce. Therefore, it has a growing community and more and more people now prefer WooCommerce to develop eCommerce stores

These are reasons enough to choose WooCommerce development for creating online stores over other modes of development. For that, hiring a professional company like Auxesis Infotech might be the best solution. They specialize in WooCommerce development and might help you in the best possible way.