The Browns have a strong defense and all but the offensive coach allowed a new quarterback to score a total of 6-for-20 while the team racked up net yards of 47 in 42 play (1.1 per play!) and Mut 22 coins one net passing yard. It's not a typo The Bears have one passing yard. 2021 At a full football match. The field was populated by 11 players. Fields was kicked off nine times. Nine times? Nine times. Wake up and smell the coffee Mr. Nagy.

It's possible that they are not too much of a concern because they're likely to bring in an experienced coach to oversee the roster that has limited talent. This is in contrast to an older team of coaches with an undeveloped roster, like the Bears. Yet, they're sucking the enthusiasm of the fans through a lackluster performance.

Wilson's first season is cause for concern. Wilson was expected to be the main man for the whole season. The trade with Sam Darnold ensured as much. Mekhi Becton's absence is continuing to be noticeable, with Wilson being pressured too often. The Jets could be drawn to a more defensive matchup, but the running game isn't fully refined.

Mac Jones had his roughest game of the season in Week 3 throwing a trio of picks that were so poor it prompted silence, if not grumpiness, from buy Madden 22 coins his head coach after the game.