Von Miller (Von Miller) was one of the first big-name players to publicly disclose that he was infected with COVID-19. The experience of this illness made him once consider quitting the new season.

Miller, who suffers from asthma, thought about what might happen during the offseason this year and whether he might be infected with new coronary pneumonia again, but he finally believed that the NFL's epidemic prevention regulations reduced the risk of reinfection.

Miller revealed that the new crown virus has caused him to lose his sense of smell and taste and his appetite, resulting in a weight loss of 15 pounds (6.8football jerseys cheapkg). He also stated that it took him a while to get into the cheap jerseys online line of training to strengthen his strength and endurance before regaining his state.

The recovery experience after contracting new crown pneumonia made Miller think about his career. The leader role is cheap jerseys online and what kind of person and ball wholesale nike jerseys cheap he wants to be in the future.

'I told others that I love them more,' Miller said. 'I said \u0026lsquo;Hey, I love you. I dont feel embarrassed when I thank you\u0026rsquo;. Because you will never really know. At this time, I feel I must tell others that I love them.'

The football jerseys cheapthinking during the offseason made Miller decide that he needed to be a better leader. He said that in the past, he relied more on general manager John Elway or teammate DeMarcus Ware as the leader.

But now he will lead the team in his own way.

'I somewhat escaped this pressure,' Miller said. 'I feel like I will be a leader in my own way...I want to be an interesting leader.'

After regaining his health, Miller expects to rebound in the new season. If he can wholesale nike jerseys cheap meet expectations, the Broncos have the ability to become a dark horse team.