St. Louis wholesale jerseys from china Rams rookie running back Todd Gurl (Todd Gurl completed an average of 144.3 yards per game in his first three games, and this Sundays game against the San Francisco 49ers if If he can maintain this average, a new record will be born.

According to ESPN reports, Gurley's 433-yard run is the fourth most rushed cheap jerseys discount ball in the league since 1970. He only needs 107 yards to complete the new recordthe rookie running back with the most rushing yards in the first 4 games.

If Gurley can maintain this state until the end of the season, he still has 10 games to create wholesale jerseys supply data, by then he will complete 1547 rushing yards, which will be the fifth in the league rookie wholesale jerseys from china running back historical data Bit. But you have to know that Gurley is only 21 years old, and he is the only player of this age who has completed these terrible numbers.