The project force, coupled with zhaotong district the police officers, took instantaneous action and put in place a card for a road while in Cheap Cigarettes Sale the suburbs of your city so that you can intercept a vehicles needed. When legal requirements enforcement police officers checked your car active in the case, the car active in the case all of the sudden accelerated plus rushed to your card, that's completely unexpected to your law enforcement police officers, so on the list of to take a look at the transport vehicle. Newport 100s Wholesale Cigarettes The suspects Peng plus Zhu ended up being seized at the fair, and an overall total of 7, 650 phony cigarettes with "Honghe" plus "Hongmei" companies were gripped.

After pondering and finding evidence, the suspects needed peng plus Zhu confessed to your illegal tendencies of providing fake cigarette smoking. After having criminal suspicious back, tackle case people via test is up to date, peng mou, Zhu mou is definitely gang mum zai exclusively, ma mou with real leader behind a curtain has never appeared.

Cross-provincial Co-operation

Through examination, special instance group tackle case people is up to date ma mou is rather cunning, dare never go home on a daily basis, do never stop some Marlboro Cigarettes Online ID card to join up to are now living a hotel room. But a occurrence of your case could not let Ma to end, but will be to further grow counterfeit cigarette smoking sales banned criminal tendencies.