It is not the first time for most people to buy a car now. With the declining price of the car market and more and more models to choose from, young people generally want to replace a car about five years later. Then how to maximize the benefits of used car trading? Today I want to have a good talk with you about this problem.


What is the best year to sell a used car? Third and sixth years


No one wants to buy a car that costs more than $100,000 and sell it at a steep discount. For the residual value of a car, the current automotive industry generally uses the "ten-year depreciation method" : the first three years according to the value of 15% per year; (b) A 10 per cent reduction in value in each of the intermediate four years; Decrease in value by 5% in each of the last three years. In fact, it is the most cost-effective to sell a car in the third year or the sixth year when the new car price changes, depreciation rates and car conditions change.



In other words, the "80 percent new" vehicles that have been used for one to two years have the lowest salvage value rate, because the 4S shop will directly discount the price of a new car by 20 percent. By the end of the tenth year, the old car was worth ten percent or nothing.


used car trading that no one takes: scrapping is worth it



In fact, if your old car is too old, or is a serious accident car, water car, etc., the local second-hand car dealers basically refuse to bid to buy, then choose to apply for scrappage car, sell the car to the car scrappage recycling company, is almost the best way to "squeeze" the last bit of value of the car.


What is the scrap value of the car? The green is better than the yellow


General annual review of the "green label" of private cars scrapped price, the current market price is calculated according to 300 yuan to 500 yuan per ton. For example, the owner of a small car of about 1.4 tons can only get the "scrap price" of about 500 yuan after applying for scrapping.



If your private car is a "yellow label car", that is, a gasoline car with emissions below National II or a diesel car with emissions below National III, and most of them were licensed from 2000 to 2004, you can apply for early elimination by the end of 2015 and get a government subsidy of up to 20,000 yuan, and you can get the money within one month.


In addition, the value of used car trading is closely related to model and brand. Here said the brand and the model is not the grade level problem, but the popular and unpopular problem.


Popular brands and models of the preservation rate is much higher than the unpopular brands and models. For example, Volkswagen's warranty rate is higher than Seat's, and Audi's warranty rate is higher than Skoda's, even though all four brands are part of Volkswagen Group. In general, SUV is higher than car, and car is higher than station wagon, and station wagon is higher than sports car. A 300k VW Tiguan, you can drive it for two years and get a new Ford Mondeo. You can drive a Seat Leon for the same $300,000 and get a new Focus within two years.