A high density piece of vinyl or similar plastic is used to bind the carpet fibers together in pieces of half a meter. They used to be only used for commercial premises due to their ability to withstand high levels of traffic and cost effectiveness. But in modern times as stated, they have become popular amongst new homeowners, renovators and developers.

One of their big pros is their simplicity in installation. No requirement for any subfloor or underlay, whether installing straight onto any hard surface including concrete, laminate or vinyl - it's all feasible in a straight forward way. Some floor tiles don't even require any sticking or adhesive to bind to the floor. This saves the need for professional assistance in installation and removes the huge cost component that is typical of installing traditional carpets. With no significant and noticeable difference between standard carpet and carpet tiles it's easy to see why in modern day times tiles have become hugely popular.

To be able to purchase the tiles in different sizes and shapes is an added bonus and another advantage over traditional carpets. Their ability to mold to any floor plan, unique or not, and their possible creative uses provide endless design possibilities.

And carpet tiles more so than traditional carpets have insulating qualities that therefore mean that during winter the house is warmer, minimizing and reducing livability costs. Other advantages that are less well known are that they have noise reducing abilities as well as their moisture and bacteria resistant benefits.

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